UPS Holidays 2018 Schedule – Working Days & Delivery Time


UPS Holiday Schedule 2018: You may be wondering what holidays do ups have off in united states, Canada, and united kingdom, what are the working hours of united parcel service, does it deliver on Columbus day, milk day, Christmas, blackfriday, Thanksgiving day,  etc.

Seeing our day to day life we are also surrounded by the various organization under which thousand and thousand people works and in return are awarded salaries. They are known as an employee of the organization.

Now for the sake of the employee, the organization provides some holidays to their employers without any loss of salary.

It helps the organization as well as the employees to work efficiently. In simple word, we can say that a day when it is being decided in advance that the day will have a holiday than it is said to be scheduled holiday for any organization.

UPS Holidays 2018 Schedule Calendar

Talking about ups store holiday schedule some of the free days so that their customer can easily adjust the time of the package to be delivered according to UPS.

For clearing up the topic we can take an example of UPS work schedule.

Suppose any customer wants to deliver their shipment on the first day then the customer should check that whether that day is a holiday or working day in UPS calendar as because in the terms and condition of  1 day delivery the shipment will only be delivered if it is a business day else the shipment gets delivered on the next day.

UPS Holiday 2018 Schedule Calendar

So information should be acquired by the customer before requesting any services to the UPS meanwhile customer can also track up their shipment using their tracking system available on the official site.

Talking about the weekend’s UPS have remained closed on Saturday as well as Sunday.

You may have questions…

Do ups deliver on Columbus Day, Labor Day, Black Friday or Christmas??

What holidays do ups have off in USA, Canada, Uk ??

But there are some certain condition about the company is that if UPS worldwide express, second day air or next day air shipment all labelled on Saturday than UPS guarantees to their customer that their shipment will be delivered on that particular day and the best thing is that the service provided to the customers are valid for one year.

Talking more about the company, it provides services like UPS pickup which is available on Saturday but the bad thing in it is UPS drop box are only available on weekdays.

On Sunday neither pick up nor are drop box services available as Sunday is the weekend so all the centers of UPS remain closed on that day.

Apart from that in some rare situation when a customer wants their shipment very urgent they can simply use the UPS express critical service by simply contacting customer care which is available 24*7 for the whole year.

In some cases customer ship their shipment outside the country so in that case, they have to see the international free day also.

List of the international holiday is being mentioned below: what holidays do ups have off ??

UPS does NOT pick up or deliver on these days:


These were mainly the list of international holidays customers have to keep in mind while shipping some international shipments as because avoiding these types of matter can really delay up the shipment by which customer can face too much of problem.

January 01,2018New year day
May 28,2018Memorial day
July 04, 2018Independence day
August 15,2018Independence day
September 03, 2018Labor day
November 22,2018Thanks giving day
December 25,2018Christmas day

These are the days provided to the staff according to the ups holiday schedule calendar for employees.

Yes, it is true that the staff has to work really hard but they receive only a few free days, in this case, the employee feels little sad about it.

At last but not the least I would like to wind-up the article by saying that providing holidays to the employee really plays a great role for the organization as when the organization is providing sufficient holidays to the employee they become happy and helps them to motivate and work harder by which organization can gain a good profit in the market than of other.

Talking about UPS holidays 2018 as it is an international company it provides less than that of other as because the wording is really hard and time requires is more as it is a transporting company of shipments.

Apart from that as Sunday is a weekly break so UPS services remain closed on that day and the customer has to wait for the next day to take the services.

Thus we can say that it is a good company and the thing is not that it provides less holiday but on the other hand if we see that the pay scale of the company to their employee is huge which is a great thing in today’s world because by that the employee stay motivated and want to join UPS in huge amount.


#1: Is today a UPS Holiday?

Ans: If you want to know whether is a ups holiday then you can check the calendar.

#2: How late does UPS deliver on Saturdays in your area & Is UPS delivering on Saturday?

Ans: Yes it is. It totally depends upon in which area you are living while if we talk about only weekends then united parcel service delivers shipments by 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon.

#3: What time does UPS stop delivering packages?

Ans: After 7:00 PM the company stops delivering packages.

#4: What happens if UPS lost my package?

Ans: You can reach out to their support page and also use live chat functionality or dial-up to customer care number.

#5: UPS holiday delivery hours?

Well, there is no specific hour for holiday delivery. As holiday hours vary from countries to countries. So you have to check for the UPS holiday delivery hours manually. So how can you do so? Well at first you have to find UPS location near you and then there will be all the details. Now the question is how to find a UPS location near you. However to help you out here is a guide:
At first, go to the
Then enter your location details
After that click on the Find button.
That is it, now the website will display all the information.

#6: UPS holiday delivery time?

There is no specific time quoted for the UPS holiday delivery. However, it is said that the company will not be working on above following days:

Also, you can find location and check the UPS delivery hours for your location. As holiday varies country to country. Hence the best way to check this out is to use the Find location option.  Simply go to the webpage and enter your location details.

#7: UPS holiday work schedule?

There are only a few days of the year when the UPS will stay off. So make sure you are avoiding these days for shipping your product.

However, for better detail, you can contact the customer support of UPS and they will tell you about their work schedule. Although these are the days when the company is said to be closed because of the holiday.

#8: UPS employee holidays?

UPS employees do not get many free days as holidays. The company stays open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Also on these days, the company stays off. Hence there will be no drop shipping work on these days. Even these days are same for most of the USA companies.

#9: What holidays do ups workers get off?

Just like any other USA holiday UPS also follows the same holiday routine. Although the company stays open for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

These are the only dates when the company will remain closed. Hence there is no off on weekends. However, if you want to ship something urgently then UPS Express Critical will help you out. This service does not have any holidays.

Final Thoughts:

We hope you got enough idea of what holidays do ups have off and ups holiday schedule calendar 2018. If so, then share this guide on the social media. If you have any questions then let us know via comments.

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