Does UPS Deliver on Saturday & Sunday & What Time does UPS Open??


Hello friends, Are you searching for, is UPS deliver on Saturday and Sunday? And what time does UPS open? Then I will tell you all about your question that is the delivery hours of it for Saturday and Sunday.

And most frequently asked questions like does ups deliver on weekends, what time does ups deliver on Saturdays etc.

It is the world’s leading package distribution company which has customers all around the world. It delivers the parcel in almost 220 countries with more than 15 million packages to its more than 7.9 million customers every day.

Its headquarter situated in United States, Sandy Springs, and Georgia. It is also known as “Brown” because of its characteristic brown delivery trucks and uniforms. As you see they deliver many parcels per day, hence its customers have few questions about delivery days and hours.

It is famous for its parcel facility in all over the world. It quickly delivers all the packages to its customers day and night with more than 1 thousand drivers who distribute more than 1 million packages per day all over the world.

With all the facility most of the customers are confused about the United Parcel service opening and closing hours, delivery hours and holidays like labor day, Columbus day of the United Parcel Service.

So we decide to write this article on this particular topic only. Here, you will get all the details regarding United Parcel Service opening closing time and holiday list as well as the delivery hours of it on Sunday and Saturday.

United Parcel Service Parcel Delivery Service

does ups deliver on saturday & sunday

With the advance digitalization, the world is moving towards digital world and can find all the things from any corner of the world in few clicks.

Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and SMS has already taken the place of postal amenity. Anyone can share messages from WhatsApp, can complain from even tweeter. So day by day the mailing system is going to last bench, but still, it used for carrying many items and messages and hence it is always popular among the people.

Being the famous parcel delivery company, it is the great example of regular mail carriage facility. Today, maximum people are busy in Monday to Friday job and find an option as a weekend for parcel delivery service and other work.

If you are also 9 to 5 working person and regular customer of the United Parcel Service, then you might think that “does UPS deliver on Saturday and Sunday?“.

You might be also wondering can I pick up a package from ups on Saturday??

Don’t worry, many people along with you, want the answer to this question. Many people asking this question from a long time and here I will be answering all your questions related to Saturday and Sunday delivery hours and explain every query of your mind associated to the delivery hours of the United Parcel Service.

Does UPS deliver on Saturday?

In this point, I will answer your question related to it Saturday delivery and working hours.

It sometimes happens that people forgot to send their package between Monday to Friday through United Parcel Service. Sometimes people find a package to deliver urgently or as soon as possible then they want to know whether it delivers on Saturday.

Even working people also don’t have time during weekdays and it is complicated to find time to deliver any package and when they want to send any parcel than they also ask the same question.

So friend her is good news for you. And the news that United Parcel Service has a service named UPS Express Critical Service, which satisfied your needs.

You can send your package using this facility to United Parcel Service. UPS express critical service is the Urgent deal providing the facility which gives a guarantee to deliver essential shipments on time.

UPS Express Critical service days – does ups deliver on weekends

This service is the essential transportation service, which is mainly available for time-sensitive or urgent shipment. This amenity to offer for all types of packages from lightweight to heavyweight packages.

Along with this, it has the distinct official website for this service so that people can contact without any confusion and directly for this service on the website.

They have a team of dedicated expert who can find the probable solution to solve any severe situation quickly and transportation alternatives for the package.


Once the express critical team of expert find a delivery solution and imply then the package is delivered to proper place within a committed period.

Once you deliver the package to the nearest store, you can track our package from your PRO number, when it is traveling with its network.

This service provides drop off and pick facility within the time with lower charges.

With this utility, all other extra benefits are also available like handle with care or extra handle or equipment needed for the sensitive package.

Even, Temperature sensitive shipments shipped with proper care, this type of packages transferred to temperature controlled vehicles.

With this aid, you can ship Hazardous, oversized or overweight shipments also.

UPS express critical service export team arranges the urgent vehicles or transportation and provide all other requirements according to the shipment’s delivery.

They improve the transportation routes to reduce the delivery time and the charge of delivering the package without negotiating the quality of services it provides with other facilities.

UPS Saturday hours

To get the precise information regarding the united parcel service Delivery Hours, you need to follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1:

  • First of all, go the official website of Express Critical service, which we already shared with you on the previous point.

Step 2:

  • Then, select their location and go to the home page of the official website.

Step 3:

  • Next, click on the location tab which is in the superior part of the page of the website.

Step 4:

  • In case of any confusion, refer to the image that is given here.

Step 5:

  • Now, enter the location of the destination, the timings, and users specific location to get the desired information.

Step 6:

  • Now, check the location which you have a type and click to get the result.

Step 7:

  • You will get the map on the page with all locations of stores. Proper locations will show with the proper address on the left corner shown in the below image. You can also select the location from the map and proceed further.

Step 8:

  • Now, find the suitable location which suits the location according to your time.

Step 9:

  • At last, choose the icon for selecting the hour details of your destination place.

I think after reading this, you may find all your answer regarding does ups deliver on Saturday. Now let’s move on to the next topic under the title of this board.

Does UPS deliver on Sunday?

It is another most asked question by the working people and who is the customer of UPS. Why do people want to know the UPS Sunday delivery and hours?

As I said before, this questions is asked before by UPS customers. So the answer is no!  It doesn’t deliver on Sunday. It only works on Saturdays but not Sundays. But for Sunday the exception facility is UPS Express Critical.

On Sunday, they do not provide any service like Next Day Air, Next Day Air Early, 2nd Day Air, Worldwide Express, UPS Ground and 3 Day Select packages.

United Parcel Service Sunday delivery – does ups deliver on weekends

The general facility of united parcel service doesn’t provide on Sundays. The reason is there is not enough demand for delivery on Sunday to permit the necessary expanse to keep the operations going.

Every business runs for profit, and the available demand is not enough for it to be profitable on Sunday. This delivery company makes its earnings on B2B shipments, and most of the businesses are closed on Sundays and makes less profit on Business-to-residential shipments compare to B2B. It is the chief reason why they don’t deliver packages on Sundays with all services.

ups-2 the store

The business is all about the cost and the profit. It has a union staff that costs a lot to operate Sunday delivery. With that, there are additional costs to running this service, for providing facilities, delivery fleets, and processing for the packages received on that day.

To cover all the cost and earn some profit, they would have to charge customers more. Because of this extra price, there is less demand for it. But once the market expands enough to earn some profit by delivering packages, it will surely start package delivery on Sunday.

UPS Express Critical service for Sunday – does ups ship on weekends

There may be much reason possible like people are working form monad to Saturday, they may not find time during these days, or they want to deliver the parcel in an emergency on Sunday.

As I told you earlier that UPS provide a service, which delivers time-sensitive urgent parcel delivery on all the seven days and 24 hours a day.

This 24/7 *365 facility does not require negotiation with the quality of service provided by UPS while delivering the urgent couriers and it includes the charter, air, inside precision, surface, hand carry, secure, international and other value-added services.

Its express critical service with its customer support, separate official website, and barcode label printing options.

If you want, you can print the barcode label from the official website of UPS express critical site. If you have any doubt, problem or inquiry you can contact customer care directly.

This amenity is available for all 24*7 hours a day and supports the critical freight shipments through UPS network.

If you want all details, they have different ways to contact. You can contact them via email or on customer care number, too.

Email address of Express Critical service:

You can call customer care representative or their team of an expert from the following number:

1-800-714-8779 (for USA and Canada)

1-913-693-6205 (for outside the US)

001-800-479-2018 (for Mexico)

You can ask any question regarding UPS Sunday and Saturday hours and delivery.

The official site of the UPS express critical services:

To handle this express service, you will need to sign in, if you already have an account. Otherwise, signup first if you are not already registered with it and then continue using the service.

Below are Drop Off times and Hours at few UPS Stores:

  1. 1632 1ST AVE, NEW YORK, NY, 10028-4305

Tel 2127379700


Latest drop-off: Ground: 19:00 | Air: 19:00

Hours: Mon — Fri 08:30 – 19:30, Sat 10:00 – 18:30, Sun 11:00 – 16:00

  1. 424 E 82ND ST, NEW YORK, NY, 10028-5920


Latest drop-off: Ground: 17:00 | Air: 17:00

Hours: Mon — Fri 07:00 – 19:00, Sat 08:00 – 17:00, Sun Closed

  1. 1695 1ST AVE, NEW YORK, NY, 10128-4804


Latest drop-off: Ground: 17:00 | Air: 17:00

Hours: Mon — Fri 10:00 – 19:00, Sat 11:00 – 17:00, Sun 11:00 – 17:00

  1. Now, we will discuss the service hours on Saturday and Sunday

How to Get the UPS Delivery Hours

Every UPS store or access point does not remain open on Sundays. The Sunday hours or operating hours of UPS store may vary from location to location. So, to find out which nearest UPS store is open on Sunday follow the step given below:

Step 1:

  • Visit the Find Locations page on the main site from the link given below:

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Select the “Find” tab for the results.

Step 4:

  • Choose the icon on the map to see the hours that corresponds to your location.

That’s all.

We provide all the relevant details required for understanding the locations and UPS delivery Hours for Saturday and Sunday.  If you come up with any queries during processing, you can connect to the customer care service center. They immediately solve your problem. For that, you can call on the number which we provided previously.


We have just finished the post on the topic united parcel service delivery hours on Saturday and Sunday.  Let me tell you one thing which you may not aware of, and that is UPS was established in the year 1907, 28th August by James E. Casey.

That time he was only 19-year-old businessmen, he found all the issue of the people for parcel delivery service and found an American parcel company which can solve all the issues tackled by others at the time of courier delivery.

At that time UPS and its services were not used by many people but with time, its services are known by people due to its quality, and now at the current time everyone knows about UPS services.

All this doesn’t happen in a single day, and it takes years to achieve this position with continuous UPS satisfactory services like UPS pickup, UPS drop-off, UPS tracking, UPS locator, etc.

In the beginning, it doesn’t deliver on the weekends like Sunday and Saturday, but in recent years, UPS has made many changes that are mainly benefited the people who are using their delivery service from all over the globe.

UPS do delivery for business as well as for various products which can be directly ordered from the official site.

All the UPS services are less profitable and made to solve customers’ problem and for their benefits. And this the main reason why its services become more famous compared to others.

The United parcel service Saturday and Sunday delivery are started for those who have a job on Monday to Friday and cannot spend time on this procedure. If you are also a working person, who works all weekdays, then you can use this service of UPS in future.

Let me tell you it’s delivery service is not available for this type of packages right now so first find out the weekend parcel delivery service which is available for your package. Now you know from some simple steps that what time it delivers packages and I hope you will find easy about its weekend parcel service.

During procced you get any queries or errors you can call their customer care center. And after reading this article. If you have more question or query in regarding this article in your mind then you can contact us via the comment box below, we will surely reply as soon as possible.

We hope you liked this article about does UPS deliver on Sunday and Saturday and ups hours of service and it will be informative to you. If you like this article, then share it with your family members and friends to get an idea of this facility. We welcome your appreciation and suggestion. Please share it with us. Thank you for reading!

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