How to Create UPS Shipping Labels Online for Free


Do you want to know the entire process of creating ups shipping labels online for free?? Generally, a shipping label is an identification label affixed to a container which specifies contents of the shipping container.

If suppose the goods to be bought or solids to undergo any inspections such as FDA inspection, the shipping label must contain that inspection information as well. A ups return label is used by a mail carrier lists the originating and as well as the destination addresses.


Shipping labels are often worked for running an e-commerce business. It refers to the transaction of both buying or selling the products in online using technologies.

create ups shipping labels online

The anatomy of shipping labels:

The example for shipping label is as follows:

how to create a ups shipment label

The label shows :

  • Who purchased the package (origin of place).
  • Where it is to be shipped ( its destination).
  • The weight.
  • The mode of transport(express, overnight etc).
  • Tracing number of the package and
  • code for the postal tracking.

It can also show billing status which is a post or pre-paid, service level also.

The elements of the USPS shipping label are as follows;

  1. The Service icon block: It defines the different USPS services. At present, there are six different service levels are as follows,

the service icon block

It means:

  • P-stands for the Priority mail(mail consisting of goods weighing more than 12 ounces sent at first-class rates).
  • F- stands for first class mail
  • E- stands for the Priority mail express.
  • Solid box or box with intersecting lines- It means the selection of  Parcel, Media Mail, and also  Bound printed matter.
  • Empty box- It defines the Critical mail.

The above is applicable only for USPS. There is a different service level for the other providers.

2.Service level banner: It defines the service level present in the block. It works as a priority mail.

3.Postage payment area: It proceeds the postage payment information. It denotes the stamps, labels or printings placed on an item to be mailed.

4.Return address: It contains the nondelivery package address.

5.Delivery address: It contains the delivery package address.

In addition to the address, we also have to include delivery route code information(DCI) and Retail Distribution Codes(RDC).

6.Tracking code: It includes the tracking code.

7.Additional information: The additional information about the package such as the shipping date or weight.

ups return shipping label


Besides shipping labels, we can also need to include a packing slip(called as waybill) with the package.

print ups shipping label for free

It shows the following:

  • Company’s name, logo, and address
  • The customer’s address
  • The order date and order number
  • Customer’s contact information.
  • The names, quantities, and prices of each item included in the package.
  • Customer service contact in case of any problems with the product.

Know nearest ups drop box location from here.


UPS shipping & Tracking allows us to prepare shipping labels for domestic (package for a particular country) and international shipments(other countries packages) with internet facility. The account number of UPS is not required for creating online labels just because this can be billed to a payment card such as a debit or credit card(any).This service is able to exist with Windows and Macintosh OS and its encrypted technology ensure its privacy.

To select a wrapped object or letter, initially, select the shipping tab(details of the product to be shipped) and then go to create a shipment.  To create a shipment using UPS Internet shipping or UPS Campus Ship, We should verify that the system should follow the requirements:


  • A system with internet facility and also Microsoft Windows (7/8/10 versions).
  • An Apple with internet Macintosh with Mac OS X 10.11 or higher.


  • Different versions of Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge 12.x
  • Mozilla Firefox 45.x
  • Various versions of Safari
  • Google Chrome 49.x or later.

Then, for the better results put together all the browsers too,

  • Applicable to the graphics options
  • Accept the cookies
  • Allowing the JavaScript.
  • activate the encryption technology.(translation of the data into secret code).
  • Save encrypted pages to the disk
  • Deactivate the suddenly appearing killer software.UPS internet shipping and Campus Ship use the appearing windows to display or print ups shipping labels or receipts to enter the address.
  • Using the  Internet Explorer we can remove the from the settings to be viewed.

With continuing above, follow these steps to adjust the page storing for future use in  Internet Explorer. They are,

  • In the toolbar, Select tools option.
  • Choose the Internet options
  • Below the Temporary Internet files, select the Settings menu.
  • Then choose a visit the page.
  • Click ok then again choose ok also.

How to Create UPS Shipping Labels Online for Free:

The steps are as follows:

  • Enter to the UPS page. Choose the native language and country of living from the list. After finishing these all steps you will able to print ups shipping labels for free. 🙂 🙂

1 how to create a ups shipment label

  • Login by using as evidence of authority. Select the “log-in” link and give all the details for your username and password.

2 ups shipping tracking

  • To remain in the same place over the shipping tab and click “create a shipment”.

3 blank ups shipping label

  • Fill the ship to address under “where the shipment is going?”.If we have addresses stored in the UPS address book, we can access it from the drop-down list or else can type in a new address from the text box also.

4 create a shipment process

  • To fill the return address lines or select it from any of the address. We will find this below“Where this shipment is coming from?”.

5 ups return shipping label

  • Then, tell about the types and quantity of products to be sent for shipping. Use the drop-down list below ”What are the things that you are shipping?”.
  • Fill the weight and size of the package. It will be only available after you select a packaging type from the drop-down list.

6 create ups shipping labels online

  • Description of the types of UPS function we want below ”In what way would you like to ship?”.
  • Choose the checkboxes next to any extra work we may want. Some of the works are free, while others there might be for the cost

7 create a shipment process

Then move down to ”How you want to pay?” and also fill the necessary details. It accepts PayPal billing orders, if we have a PayPal account and having the ability to log in to the purchase confirmation.

8 ups label printer

  • Then, make something that the checkbox contains shipping details including prices, before completing the process” and the address you entered is uniform to the UPS Policy.
  • Select the “Next” below the checkbox line.

9 blank ups shipping label paypal


  • Double check your selections. If we want, we can select the checkbox to the left if the option.
  • Click the “ship now” button on the page.


  • Then, Print the label and send via a UPS Store or any other UPS locations.

12 ups label printer

If you have any queries or doubt regarding your shipping packages then you can call ups customer service or email them.


With the help of above steps, we can easily create ups Shipping labels online. We can send the package with the help of these shipping labels UPS anywhere in the world.

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