USPS vs. UPS vs. FedEx: Shipping Rates, Jobs, Package Costs- Who’s Better?


This guide covers a detailed comparison among USPS, ups, and FedEx.

There are many packaging companies available all over the globe, and when we have to select any fright or courier service, first we check its cons and pros.

So we are here with the comparison of essential three packaging or parcel provider companies named United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service, and FedEx.

In this article, we will show you the comparison of these three to select the best among it. And at last, you will find which is faster better and cheaper among these three. So let start the battle of USPS vs. UPS vs. FedEx.

USPS vs. UPS vs. FedEx: Who’s more reliable?

I know that you might be wondering what is the difference between ups and USPS. Then let me tell you, united parcel service and united states postal service both are different but they work in the same industry 🙂 🙂

Best Postal Service for Small Business Owners

For small business owners, we recommend USPS as they are best shipping partner for small businesses because they have the most competitive and convenient rates. With that, they provide free pick up, Express Mail packaging, free Priority, a full range of standard and advanced delivery options that fulfill most small business requirements.

Compare Shipping Rates (USPS vs UPS vs FedEx)Comparison Table: Who’s cheapest package rates???

Who it’s Best ForMail & parcels up to 70-lbs.Parcels 3-lbs. to 150-lbs.Parcels 3-lbs. to 150-lbs.
Label Printing & software, UPS software & other, FedEx software & other integrations
PricingBest overall valueCompetitive on larger parcelsCompetitive on larger parcels
Pickup & Drop-Off OptionsPickup: Free
Drop: USPS locations & retail mailing centers
Pickup: For a fee
Drop: UPS locations & retail mailing centers
Pickup: For a fee
Drop: FedEx locations & retail mailing centers
Free Tracking
InsuranceUp to $100 free for Express Priority, more for a fee$100 free, more for a fee$100 free, more for a fee
Service OptionsGround through express, not all guaranteedGround through time-critical overnight, all guaranteedGround through same-day, all guaranteed
Commercial DiscountsOnline & via shipping softwareVolume-basedVolume-based
Customer SupportPhone & in-personPhone, email & in-personPhone, email & in-person

For small business we recommend USPS, but there are few cases where you have to select UPS and FedEx, too. Those cases we are described in next point.

Best Shipping Service

USPS is the first and last choice for sending letters and other mail items. But with this service, they provide cost-effective parcel shipping options including express, ground and priority services.

Mail rates are a bargain for shipping packages under 3-lbs in USPS. With this point, USPS often bangs both UPS and FedEx Ground by a few dollars and parcels arrive faster compare to other two.

It has flat-rate Priority and Express shipping boxes that provide excellent value for small and bulky items. If it fits in particular category, it ships for a fixed rate, irrespective of the weight.

FedEx gave the flat-rate service and competed to USPS, but UPS doesn’t offer a flat-rate option at all.

The USPS offers free shipment tracking and delivery confirmation on all of the delivered parcel. With that, they email you and speaking you upon delivery. Usps provides on-time delivery.

But when there is any other issue like lost package then they are slow to respond compared to FedEx and UPS. In case of resolving package delivery and damaging issue USPS comes on the last rank.

When we compare the reliability between FedEx and UPS are more approaching in determining lost, or misdelivered package issues compare to USPS. But the claim procedure can still be a slow, especially in case of damaged shipments.

Another cost-saving point of USPS is a vast range of Express Mail and free Priority packaging. It can save shipper’s as much as $1 per shipment compared to UPS or FedEx.

USPS is the first choice for a small parcel shipping. But for parcels over 5-lbs. UPS and FedEx often prove better.

When to Use UPS or FedEx?

While USPS prove best for the small package rates, but there are few cases where United Parcel Service and FedEx are economical than USPS. In specific, United Parcel Service and FedEx are better if you want to ship heavy items in the cheapest way. 🙂

USPS vs. UPS vs. FedEx

We will compare in the chart below for ground shipping of a 5-lb. You can see that package for certain locations are some dollars cheaper with United Parcel Service and FedEx than USPS.

For short distances, both FedEx and United Parcel ServiceUnited Parcel Service can ship up to a 5-lb. Ground package faster than USPS with guaranteed time delivery.

Another plus point of UPS and FedEx is that they can deliver packages up to 150-lbs. Weight. And the maximum weight limit for USPS is 70-lbs.

Depth review of FedEx vs. UPS vs. USPS

Compare Shipping Rates:

Shipping rates or delivery charges are based on many factors like size, distance, and speed, type of delivery location-home or business. You make sure check difference between ups and USPS first. Don’t confuse. 🙂

Here we gathered rates for a variety of package sizes and services between different locations to make a comparison of our three choices.

USPS vs UPS vs FedEx Ground Rate/Transit Time Comparison

Package & Distance USPS FedEx United Parcel Service
2-lb. 6x6x4 Parcel:From LA to NYC–From Houston to Chicago $10.28 / 3 days–$8.15 / 2-3 days $11.66 / 4 days–$10.42 / 2 days# $12.28 / 4 days–$10.97 / 2-day#
5-lb. 6x8x10 Parcel:From LA to NYC–From Houston to Chicago $20.41 / 3 days–$10.95 / 2-3 days $16.53 / 4 days–$13.06 / 2 days# $17.40 / 4 days–$13.75 / 2 days#


#UPS and FedEx give assurance for its ground delivery times. So, it is cheaper to use ground delivery for a shorter distance.

USPS vs. UPS vs. FedEx 3-Day Express Rate Comparison

Package & Distance USPS Priority Mail FedEx 3-Day United Parcel Service 3-Day
2-lb. 6x6x4 Parcel: From LA to NYC–From Houston to Chicago $10.28#–$8.15# $32.00–$22.05 $32.53–$27.80


5-lb. 6x8x10 Parcel: From LA to NYC–From Houston to Chicago $20.41#–$10.95# $43.00–$28.54 $43.67–$37.86


# –If your courier is business-critical choose FedEx or UPS because USPS doesn’t guarantee 3-Day delivery to all locations whereas other two give a guarantee.

Overnight Express Rate Comparison

Package & Distance USPS Express FedEx Overnight UPS Overnight
2-lb. 6x6x4 Parcel: From LA to NYC–From Houston to Chicago $41.55#–$36.45# $78.35–$65.36 $79.43–$66.30
5-lb. 6x8x10 Parcel: From LA to NYC–From Houston to Chicago $61.05#–$52.00# $98.41–$85.00 $99.71–$86.17


# If your parcel is business-critical, choose FedEx or UPS because USPS doesn’t guarantee 1-Day delivery to all locations whereas other two are the better overnight choice.

NOTE: Volume shippers like e-commerce companies or anyone that ships regularly can get discounted rates from all three carrier companies, which can lower costs subject to your volume and the services you use.

Another point is both USPS and FedEx provide a flat-rate box option, which United Parcel Service doesn’t offer. With this option, pricing is based on the box used and irrespective of Weight.

USPS vs. FedEx- Flat-Rate Box Comparison between Los Angeles & New York

Flat-Rate Box Size USPS Priority Flat Rate FedEx One Rate
Cost Transit Time Cost Transit Time
12×9 Envelope $7.50 2 days# $9.75 3 days
11x8x5 Box $13.60 2 days# $13.50 3 days


#USPS is not a guaranteed time, whereas FedEx guarantees the 3-day delivery time.

Service Options: USPS, FedEx and UPS International Shipping Options

All three top shipping companies offer various delivery services, from standard ground transit to overnight deliveries. Even you can find same-day options in particular areas.

In comparing services of these three companies, you will find one is better than other in some aspects. Where in other services other two is good. So it is always an excellent idea to compare three of them to select best among them.

So let’s check one by one each of them:

United States Postal Service:


USPS is the best for small Parcels category under 3-lbs. That delivers in 2-3 days nationwide. Along with Priority Mail, USPS also offers a c range of parcel and mail services, including:

  • First Class Mail and Parcel
  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Express
  • USPS Retail Ground
  • Media Mail
  • Specialized services including Certified Mail and many more

Go to the official site



FedEx is another name for overnight shipping. Sometimes it reached a parcel even a day ago. Along with it, they provide some services like:

  • Ground
  • Home Delivery
  • SmartPost
  • Express Saver 3-day
  • 2-Day
  • Overnight
  • Overnight Priority
  • Same-day

Go to official site

United Parcel Service:


United Parcel Service is known for its ground shipping and its parcel delivery network. It has a record of on-time. It has a complete range of business needs, from standard ground services to overnight time-critical deliveries. The few of the services provided by UPS are as follows:

  • Ground
  • 2-Day
  • 3-Day
  • Next-Day Air Saver
  • Next-Day Air Early AM
  • Hundredweight – discounted multi-parcel shipments

Go to official site

Pickup, Drop-off & Packaging Options

All three companies make as much as easy to get your shipments on their way. USPS has the most locations in every ZIP code nationwide. You can buy postage and drop the mail at various mail centers including UPS stores. United Parcel Service and FedEx also have a popular pickup and drop off locations, too, plus pickup is available from all three.


  • It has Post Office locations everywhere nationwide
  • You can purchase postage and drop USPS shipments at most retail mail centers
  • You can purchase and print your postage or mail labels online
  • You can leave items for pickup with your daily mail
  • If you have many parcels for pickup, or regularly shipping volume, you can set up free one-time or repeat pickups on its official website
  • It has a large selection of free Priority and Express Mail packaging


  • You can find FedEx drop boxes or mail locations at many places
  • You can ship via FedEx at many retail mailing centers and popular business retailers like Staples and Office Depot
  • It has drop box locations scattered around most cities and towns.
  • FedEx charges pickup fees for one-time shipments
  • If you are a volume exporter, you can add daily or specific-day pickup services to your account for a fee
  • FedEx pickups are service-based, and it requires a more management than the all-in-one pickups.
  • FedEx provides a limited assortment of free packaging for express services


  • It has more than 63,000 locations worldwide, so it is easy to catch a UPS drop-off location.
  • You can ship at popular business retailers such as Staples and Office Depot.
  • They provide pickup service but with some reasonable charge.
  • You can schedule a one-time pickup or, daily or day pickups from your account for a weekly fee.
  • If you are a volume shipper, then UPS will pick up all of your shipments together like Ground, Next-day, 2-day, at one time.
  • United Parcel Service provides a few free envelopes and mailing boxes, for Express services, only
  • For Ground shipments or to ship Express items, you have to purchase packaging.

Tracking & Insurance

All three courier companies offer shipment tracking at no additional charge. Also, they offer basic insurance coverage for free. And additional cover charges we will see individually. Even you can purchase insurance coverage from all three carriers.


  • USPS provides free service for all package tracking. Tracking barcodes printed or attached to your package labels if you purchase and print them online. You can also get tracking updates via email.
  • USPS offer insures Express shipments for $100 and Priority Mail for $50, without any additional fees.
  • Further insurance can be purchased to cover up to $5000.


  • FedEx offers cover insurance up to $100K. Here also you can purchase more if you want.

United Parcel Service:

  • UPS also provides free tracking service as every package labeled with a shipment tracking number so you can follow up your shipment via email or by checking tracking history in your account.
  • It covers insurance up to $100, and if you want to buy additional insurance, then you can do this, too up to $70K for domestic shipments.

Customer Service

  • All three carriers provide good customer service. You can connect them via personal interaction, customer service center, or email.
Name of carrier company In-person service Toll-free phone Email


Note: Sorry, we don’t have enough information about ups vsFedExjobs at this moment. But, once we have with us then we surely update this article.


It’s all about USPS vs. UPS vs. FedEx carrier companies. Here we gather all the possible information in the form of comparison. We hope after reading this, you can successfully select the best group according to your shipment. If you have any doubts regarding this article, ask us via commenting on the comment box. Thank you

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