UPS Drop Box Locator: Closest Pickup Locations & Access Points


Here’s the complete guide to ups drop box locators near your closest pickup locations. UPS (United Parcel Service) is the world’s largest company which deals in delivering packages to the customers and one of the global providers of which is very popular in providing services like transportation and logistics to its customer and more to it pick up as well as drop down facility is also being available. Talking more details about it and knowing how it works. All these are being mentioned below.

Talking about the ups dropbox locations, it is available nearly over 40,000 location all across the world. Customers can easily drop out there shipment all over 24 hours without any limit after which they can enjoy their pickup later on whenever there is a time for them.

All these services are available for the customer throughout the year except holidays and Sunday where no services are provided to its customers.

ups drop box locator near me

Talking about UPS Features:

  • Shipment is available for both locations i.e. Domestic as well as international.
  • Necessary shipping supplies are available at the nearest UPS Drop off locations.
  • Value of the packages can be declared to a maximum value amounting to INR 34,000 per package.
  • Packages are being dropped up to the maximum size of 16*13*3 inch.
  • Restriction on the hazardous shipment materials is applied.

UPS Benefits:

  • UPS Drop off Box near me accepts all the UPS service level at their location.
  • It can be accessed all the time.(i.e.24 hrs a day as well as seven days a week)
  • Later pickup time can be preferred than usual pickups.
  • UPS Drop Box locations can be used as a single source by the customers when they want to ship their shipment at the last moment.

UPS Drop Box Locator Near Me: Closest Pickup Locations & Access Points

Talking about UPS Drop Box locator usually helps their customers finding out the locations where ups drop box are available. Locating staples ups drop off are really easy to use and the services provided by ups drop box is just great, which can be searched out in various ways as mentioned below:

  • UPS Drop Box locator near me by using map – Yes, finding out UPS DropBox is really an easy task for the customers. They can simply find out the drop box by navigating the map. And one of the best examples can be used of Google map which acts as a helping hand for us.

We can simply open the google map and type the exact location where we are present and simply we can get the list of UPS Drop Box present in our location or there is an automatic option available where the map automatically detects our current location and according to that it gives the list of staples ups drop off present in our locations which are a great feature provided by Google. The working totally depends on the GPS which provides the accurate result to the customer without any error.

staples ups drop off google map

Official site of UPS– We can easily open up the UPS website and simply click on the location tab, where we can input our location or simply click on “use my current location” and click on the find option and all staples ups drop off present around us is displayed and if no drop box is available near us the site try’s to find out the location which are nearer to us and which are having drop boxes. We can see in the above image that there is an option for both i.e. nearest ups drop off locations.

But before you check the closest location you must know about when ups are closed? You will get all information on ups holiday & work schedule 2018.

We can narrow our search simply by putting a tick on the options available (Finding out ups near your location, paying for UPS shipping label and we can get a help of packaging up the shipment).Apart from that, there are other options available but these two options are preferred by most of the customers.

Talking about the advantage of using UPS locator than that of another medium which is available is that the UPS locator is administered by the official site where all the information is updated and provides an accurate result as because if we gather up all the wrong information it will be of no use.

Thus, the customers are always recommended to gather up all the information regarding dropbox as well as shipment related queries by visiting the official site of UPS. You can also contact the ups customer care service number.

At last but not the least I would like to wind-up the topic by keeping some points about UPS Dropbox locator. Services like drop off as well as pick up facility are very popular among the customers which gives up the idea of services provided like drop off and pick up by the help of which we get the idea of navigating the locations of drop boxes by the help of map as well as UPS locators, both these method are great in themselves as its totally the choice of the user which one they will go with.

ups pickup locations

Some customers prefer map which saves time, on the other hand, some choose UPS locations near me which are being updated on the official site. No other company provides drop box services as compare to UPS as it provides world-class services because it is the trusted company which is international and is located all over the world and the customer has a strong trust to this international company.

In the coming generation company is trying to provide more updated services that save more time for the customer like same day delivery, same day pickup and many more upgradation to the drop boxes which are still unavailable in some locations all over the wide and it is for sure that the issue and the upgradation will be done within this year and for this currently the company is working on it.

Where are ups drop boxes located?

UPS drop box located in many countries. However, the best way to find a location is to visit the UPS drop box website and enter your country address.

So simply go to the and then from the Find Location drop down menu select your country. Then click on the Find button, that is it. Now the website of UPS drop box will figure out the drop box office location based on your entered details. And then it will display all the information on your computer screen. Also, there will be Google Map so you can easily spot the office.

Where’s the closest ups drop box to me?

If you are wondering Where is the closest UPS drop box to you. Then finding it is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to the webpage. from the webpage, you have to select your country and enter an address.

Plus you have to place a checkmark on the Find a drop off location option. Once you are done entering everything, simply click on the Find button and then the website will list the location info on your computer screen. However UPS drop is not yet available in many countries, so sometimes you may get inappropriate information.

How do ups drop boxes work?

UPS Boxes service is available in more than 40 countries around the globe. It is an air shipment based service which ships consignments in a single day or two. So how do ups drop boxes work?

Well at first you have to check if your place has the UPS drop box service or not. As well check the place where you are planning to send the consignment. If both of the locations has the service, then simply select a picking up address and a dropping address. Then pay the fees online, that is it. Now UPS drop box will take care of the rest.

What are ups dropbox?

In simple words, UPS drop box is an air shipping service. UPS drop box is based in 40,000 locations nationwide and you can find one of the offices near you. The service basically ships a consignment in a day at a domestic and international address.

You can also drop off your shipment 24 hours a day. Plus you can pick up the shipment whenever you want. However, the maximum size of the package that UPS drop box supports is 16in. x 13in. x 3in. Also for pricing and location information, you have to check out the website. The UPS drop box is a great choice for last-minute shipping.

Are ups drop boxes safe?

If it is your first time with UPS drop box, then you might have the question that is “are ups drop boxes safe?”

Well in a sentence the answer is yes, UPS drop boxes are completely safe. The company is available in many countries, plus they are doing business since too many years. So you do not have to worry about the shipment.

Also, they will be providing you a tracking number so you can easily track the records. In order to track the shipment you have to go to the tracking webpage and you will get all the details.

Ups drop box dimensions:

If you are wondering what are the ups drop box dimensions. Then let us mention that UPS boxes accept all types of service levels. However, the maximum size limit that UPS drop box supports is 16 inches by 13 inches by 3 inches.

However just in case if your box is larger than the quoted size, then you can drop it off at a retail location such as the UPS store or a customer center of UPS. Or you can contact the customer support for more information. Talking about the nearest location, you can find it at UPS Boxes Find Location page:

UPS drop box hours?

The best thing about the UPS drop box is that you can drop off your shipment 24 hours a day and 7 days week.  So no matter when you decide to visit the UPS drop box office the center will be open for you.

So simply go ahead and check out the location of UPS drop box center from the web page. And then visit the place according to your suitable time. You can also visit the center 24hours a day and 7 days a week to pick up your shipments. This is something really great about the UPS drop box.

UPS dropbox size limit?

If you are wondering what is the UPS dropbox size limit. Then let us tell you that, UPS boxes support box size of 16 inches by 13 inches by 3 inches.

However just in case if your box is larger than the quoted size, then you can drop it off at a retail location such as the UPS store or a customer center of UPS. Or you can contact the customer support for more information.

Also, the UPS drop box accepts all types of service levels, so it would not be an issue. But if you have the large box then do find the location of the nearest UPS drop off center using this link and walk in with the shipment.

We hope you enjoyed UPS Drop Box Locator Near Me: Closest Pickup Locations article and if you have any queries then feel free to ask in the comment box.

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