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United Parcel Service provides a unique feature for a customer through which they can do live package tracking. Using this fantastic feature user can track the movement of their package live on UPS Live Map.

To track the package, you have to go to the link which will be provided in your email which is received when delivery of an item is about to start. Open an email and just click the  “follow my delivery” tab. You can see the graphical movement of the item in the map pointed through a sign.

Follow My Delivery

In every 2-3 minutes, the map updates automatically, so you don’t have to refresh the map. How fantastic is that feature provided by the company!! So we will discuss in detail about how to use this UPS delivery service.

It is a unique and fascinating service available for the users or customers who have registered under UPS My Choice. Currently, this service is available for United Parcel Service Worldwide Express and UPS Air customers but united parcel service in future is going to extend this service to other services, too.

This facility will not show the exact route of the delivery due to safety reasons because if they show the exact root then there may increase the chance of getting package robbed.

Even after providing real-time package tracking service, the lost packages complaints are decreasing because a user can track ups truck in real time.The ups out for delivery time is between the hours  9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. The delivery hours end of the day is generally 5:00 p.m. but it can extend up to 8:00 p.m. also and even more in the Christmas days.

Its delivery days are all working days and on weekends its only Saturday, to know more about the days and time on which they deliver please click here.

Though this service is fantastic, sometimes people face problems while using it due to lack of knowledge. So in this article, we will share those issues along with the details on UPS follow my delivery facility.

You might be knowing about this service but if you don’t then let me inform you that this is newly introduced service by UPS for ease of its customers.

This ups service is also known for its real-time package tracking. And it is fascinating because using this service, a customer can track their packages on their own and as per their convenience.Before the package is shipped, the customer will receive a link via email to track on a live map This map will show the package as an icon, and you don’t have to refresh the map as it automatically gets updated after every 2 to 3 minutes.

Because of this frequent updation, the customers can see the latest information of their package. Additionally, without even refreshing the page, the customers get to see the current location of their package.

But note that to use this service you must register on UPS My Choice. So to enjoy this service register otherwise, it will not be available for you, and hence you cannot track your package in real time. So make sure that you have registered in My Choice account and it is effortless and straightforward to register.

This amenity is available to the customers of UPS Worldwide Express and UPS Air only.

Though, after getting many requests from the other service users, the UPS is thinking to launch this feature for all the other services, too.

As I already said, they do not reveal the exact route of their driver following the shipment. But using it, the clients can search the information of their packages on a map in real time; the UPS supposes that many grievances regarding the lost packages will stop now.

However, they are attending lots of complaints even after launching this flawless service. So the kind of problems or FAQ the UPS handles are given below along with the answers.


  1. When does a customer can see my package on the map?

    A customer can see their packages on the map after getting a link through an email. This email and tracking map is generated before a driver starts delivery to its route. So after the delivery starts, you can see map, and after your package reaches its destination, you cannot see the map. If your package is not delivered on the same day, then you will get email on next day. If your package is not listed under Worldwide Express and UPS Air then you can track your parcel using the tracking number.

  2. Why my package is not moving?

    If your package is not moving, then there may be chances that the driver has to take a halt.This situation is called as ups out for delivery but not delivered. Sometimes due to some unavoidable circumstances, the driver needs to take long stops. The map is updating after every two to three minutes, so customers see on the real-time map and progress of package.
    For a long time if it does not move then for additional information you can call the number: 1-800-PICK-UPS or visit its official website.You can also log in here for tracking your parcel.

  3. Why and when a user can’t see the map?

    Once the delivery is started, the users will receive the link to the live map through the email. It reflected that UPS driver starts delivering the packages on the fixed route. There may be three cases when you can’t see the map. One is if you don’t register this service and another is package already delivered to its desired address or if your package is not delivered on the same day then on next day you will receive mail and only after that you can see the map.

  4. How to turn off the Follow My Delivery alerts?

    The method of a turn of delivery alerts is straightforward. You have to first log-in to your my choice account and then go to My Settings >> Alerts >> Edit>> Day of Delivery and deselect it to stop the alerts and it’s done. Now, you will not receive any message or alert in future.


It is all about UPS follow my delivery. We hope you will get your answer after reading this article and also you’ll like this information. If it is so then sharing it with all your friends and family members. If you have any doubts, then leave your comment below in the comment box because we want to help you. We always welcome your recommendations. Thank you for reading!

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