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You might be wondering can I drop off usps package at ups store near me?? Or where can you drop off a prepaid ups package??? Whatever questions you have, In this guide, you will get answers to all your queries.

Before we get started, you may have a question that is ups and usps the same company??

No, they are not. Let’s have a look at the details of each company first. Or you can check the detailed article on the difference between ups vs usps.

United Parcel Service (UPS) is an American package and mail delivery company that provides supply chain management solutions. It’s headquarter is located in the Sandy Springs, Georgia, the U.S. It also operates UPS Airlines.

United Parcel Service is the world’s top package distribution company which has customers all around the world. It delivers the parcel in approx. 220 countries with approx.  15 million packages. So it serves more than 7.9 million customers every day.

It is also known as “Brown” because of its typical brown delivery trucks and uniforms. United Parcel Service is famous for its parcel service in all over the world. They rapidly deliver all the parcels to its clients day and night with approx. 1 thousand drivers who distribute about 1 million packages per day all within the U.S.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent agency of the U. S. government accountable for giving postal service in the United States of America, including all the area of the state. It has approx. 617,000 workers who serve the customers all day and night and making it the third-largest civilian employer in the United States.

Each day, the United States Postal Service ship about  660 million pieces of mail to 142 million delivery points and in 2016, the USPS has 31,585 post offices and locations in the U.S. that delivers 153.4 billion pieces of mail annually.

But with all the information a question may arise in your mind that can I drop off a USPS package at a UPS store? You are not only one who has this question in your mind. There are many regular customers of USPS has a same question and confusion on it.

That’s why we here to solve your doubts, and in this article, we will discuss whether you can drop off a USPS package at a UPS store or not? Not only this but we will discuss the timing of United Parcel Service store so that you will go there at the correct time and save your valuable time.

Then let me tell you the answer to solve your doubt. Yes, you can drop off a USPS packages at a UPS store, but it also has some terms and condition for it.

I am also a customer of United Parcel Service and one day a driver of UPS running late, and I want to pick up my parcel, so I went to the UPS store for pickup.

Now, ups to usps transfer tracking process are being processed. But, before you go to the nearest store then you must check whether does ups deliver on Saturday and Sunday??

Once I completed the formalities and picked up the UPS parcels, I observed that the UPS store had USPS parcels and letters to be picked up. I saw their mail carrier that had already picked up USPS stuff there, and so I ask them to drop off my USPS package there. It took only 5-10 minutes to load everything. So what I want to say is UPS is almost just from your local post office.

One of the main aims of a United Parcel Service store is to offer good customer service. That means making the consumer feel happy about visiting the UPS office. With this reason in mind, they will allow you drop off a USPS package. Conversely, they may use the chance to try and convince you to send your package by UPS in its place, and do additional business for their company.

So definitely you can drop off USPS packages at the UPS Store and even you can ship a ups package in a usps envelope. But they are not able to give you a receipt for the drop off like as they can do for United Parcel Service packages.   Also, you cannot track your USPS package as you don’t have a receipt. But if you take a picture of the label that has a tracking number for your reference so you can easily track your package. So don’t forget to take a picture before you drop it off your parcel.

Can I Drop Off USPS Package at UPS Store__

If you are delivering a package with a label representing at the top that packages, which may be given to USPS or United Parcel Service. It indicates that your delivery was made through the UPS Returns Flexible Access service.

But if you are not a regular customer of United Parcel Service then you may not be aware of its store timing, so there may be chances when you go to store, you go either early or late. Especially in case of urgency, this situation is an irritation. To not face this type of problem, we will provide you the timings, and different services provided by United Parcel Service.

Timings of UPS stores

To get the timing of your nearby store or post office box, either you can search on the official website of United Parcel Service, or you can open the google map and search for ups store nearby me. Both ways will provide you timings as well the full address.

Service provide by UPS:

Service Delivery Time Ideal For Delivery Commitment
Next Day Air Early As Early As 8 A.M When Your Shipment Must Be There At The Start Of The Business Day Next Business Day


Next Day Air Typically By 10:30 Am


Shipments That Must Arrive Early In The Business Day


Next Business Day
Next Day Air Saver By End Of The Day


Delivery Guaranteed Next-Day Delivery


Next Business Day
2nd Day Air A.M As Early As 8 Am Guaranteed, Second Business Day Delivery 2 Business Days
2nd Day Air Typically By End Of The Day Shipments That Do Not Need Overnight Service 2 Business Days
3 Day Select By End Of The Day Mix Of Economy And Guaranteed Delivery 3 Business Days
Ups Ground Delivery Based On Distance To Destination With Guaranteed Delivery, Know In Advance When Your Shipment Will Arrive 1-5 Business Days

Last words:

It’s all about this article, and hopefully, after reading this article, you will get your answer that is yes, you can drop off USPS package at UPS store. If you have still any doubt regarding any information, leave your question in the comment box. Our expert will reply very soon.

If you like this information, then share it with friends, colleagues and family members. Who knows by this article you may be helpful to someone in their emergency. So keep this mind and share it. We always welcome your suggestions for improvement. Thank you for reading!

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